Child Protection and Anticipatory Action

Photo by IFRC/Johannes Chinchilla
We need to do better to protect children and guarantee their rights in emergencies.

In order to improve child protection in emergencies, the IFRC, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Centre, and the Anticipation Hub, with the support of the Child Protection Area of Responsibility have developed a new Issue Brief exploring the links between anticipatory action and child protection.

By including child protection within anticipatory action and financing we can take proactive, locally coordinated steps that are driven by children’s own perspectives. By doing this we can improve prevention of and response to violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children of diverse backgrounds right from when we forecast an emergency, we can also mitigate the consequences of the emergency on children’s equitable, safe and continued access to essential public services such as health and education.

To read the full blog written by Audrey Oettli, IFRC/CP AoR Coordinator, Child Protection in Emergencies, follow this link.