Institutional PGI

Ensuring the IFRC Network has the right institutional capacity, composition, and commitment to address violence, discrimination and exclusion.

We work to ensure our Institutions are fit for purpose by embedding the necessary procedures, policies, and strategies so that our systems do not exclude, discriminate or make people unsafe. This includes policy-driven We aim to mitigate, This includes creating equitable opportunities for people of all gender identities, backgrounds, physical appearances and disabilities to join and fully participate within the IFRC Network. 

volunteering, advocacy, leadership training, capacity development
How we do it

This includes organizational assessments, safeguarding policies and ensuring our institutions have diverse leadership and representation. 

We promote equitable opportunities and support senior leadership to put in place structures that promoting safe and inclusive volunteer recruitment and coordination. 

Targeted measures to ensure Institutional safety, integrity and accountability require additional measures that are based on internal protection mechanisms. These mechanisms include policies and procedures that prevent, mitigate and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse -by humanitarian actors (PSEA), Child Safeguarding and sexual harassment or bullying at the workplace, and to ensure whistle-blower protection. 

COVID 19 impacts society
The PGI Organisational Assessment Toolkit

We work to strengthen the inclusive structures and mechanisms in our organizations and teams with concrete and measurable investments to ensure dignity, access, participation and safety for our own membership and the communities we serve.