PGI Organisational Assessment Toolkit (OAT)

To strengthen agility, relevance, effectiveness, innovation, and accountability we must invest in our own organisational development: ensuring better preparedness through safe and inclusive organisations. This includes developing our own understanding, competencies, and capacity to address Protection, Gender and Inclusion (PGI) issues in our work.

This Protection Gender and Inclusion (PGI) Organisational Assessment Toolkit (OAT) is a key step to help us systematically ensure that PGI is embedded in and across all our work. It is designed to help the IFRC network build stronger actions to identify and mitigate risks, monitor, and assess our policies, practices, and effectiveness, to better support the people and communities we serve.

A safe and inclusive environment is critical for mitigating, preventing and appropriately responding to any misconduct or violations of our fundamental principles.

The annexes are an integral part of the OAT and can be accessed here


The recording of the launch of the OAT can be accessed here - with presentation from three National Societies who have carried out an OAT: Sierra Leone, Malawi and Icelandic Red Cross.