Global Safeguarding Action Plan, 2022-2025

IFRC Global Safeguarding Action Plan Cover
This Safeguarding Action Plan outlines the key actions the IFRC secretariat and National Societies in the IFRC network will take to strengthen PSEA and Child Safeguarding. Developed in close collaboration with The British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, and in consultation with IFRC and national society representatives from all regions globally.

This Safeguarding Action Plan focuses on priority areas for improvement in the IFRC network, including a) prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) and b) Child Safeguarding. Other areas for improvement, such as anti-harassment, are covered elsewhere. The components of this Action Plan may be implemented through a common approach, recognizing that PSEA and Child Safeguarding both a) include prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse, b) promote a survivor-centered approach to reporting and referrals and c) require cultural change for people to feel safe and able to speak up and report concerns. Each component is also unique and covers its own specific area and requires its own specific approaches.