PSEA Self-Assessment Case Study

National Societies looking to strengthen prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) should start by conducting a PSEA self-assessment.

A PSEA self-assessment is an internal assessment which looks at different criteria to evaluate whether people within the organisation feel safe, respected and have the confidence and knowledge to report misconduct. The most effective way to run a self-assessment is to involve staff and volunteers working in different capacities who also vary in age, gender and include people with health conditions or impairments. Gathering different perspectives allows for a thorough understanding of the current issues and helps to identify practical next steps.

The IFRC country-cluster delegation in Southern Africa conducted self-assessments for Lesotho Red Cross Society, Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross, Botswana Red Cross Society and South African Red Cross. This case study illustrates how the self-assessments were conducted.