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Integrating PGI issues into WASH programming is essential for safe, effective and inclusive services. The tools below provide guidance on how to do that effectively in a Red Cross Red Crescent context.

IFRC Protection, Gender, and Inclusion (PGI) in WASH Guidance Note

This guidance note provides an overview of key PGI issues to consider when assessing, designing, implementing and monitoring both long-term and humanitarian WASH programmes, in the Red Cross Red Crescent context.





Version adapated for the Philliipines

An additional, related resource is the Questions to guide WASH programming: Integrating PGI and good community engagement


Tools to support menstrual hygiene management and accessible WASH facilities.

Standard emergency latrine or bathing area designs are often not appropriate for people who menstruate, nor accessible to those with disabilities. To contribute to solving this problem, the IFRC, Lebanese Red Cross, British Red Cross and Arup implemented a project to design and pilot MHM friendly and accessible emergency WASH facilities. This work was supported by Elhra’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF).

Adaptable designs for i) a raised latrine block, ii) bathing block, and iii) trench latrine, including construction drawings, bill of quantities, and step-by-step instructions are available here: