Zimbabwe: Effective law and policy on gender equality and protection from sexual and gender-based violence in disasters

Cover of the document: two women watering their crops carrying babies on their back
This report outlines the results of a country case study undertaken during December 2016 in Zimbabwe. It is part of a global IFRC initiative on ‘Effective law and policy for addressing gender in disaster risk management and sexual and gender-based violence in disasters’. The country case study was conducted in order to contribute to:
• Implementing Resolution 3 of the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on ‘Sexual and gender-based violence: Joint
action on prevention and response’ (32IC/15/3); and
• Filling a knowledge gap on gender equality in disaster risk management laws, polices and their implementation, that was identified in the IFRC
and UNDP 2014 study, Effective Law and Regulation to Support Disaster Risk Reduction: A Multi-Country Report.