IFRC Strategic Framework on Inclusive Programming

Cover of the document: Image of an older woman and two young Red Cross volunteers
This framework presents a goal, strategic outcomes and enabling actions that describe some of the common ways in which National Societies can understand and address issues of exclusion in society and its implications on their work to support vulnerable people.

It elaborates on the issues of exclusion as highlighted in Strategy 2030, and is an integral part of IFRC’s Area of Focus on protection, gender and inclusion – which has the overall objective that “communities become more peaceful, safe and inclusive through meeting the needs and rights of the most vulnerable.”

Since issues of exclusion are inherently local and highly contextual, this framework focuses more on the work that National Societies carry out in their own countries, rather than work carried out internationally by the IFRC. The enabling actions suggest ways that National Societies can support each other, building a model of mutual support that is grounded in the local context.