Protection within the Movement mapping exercise—Preparing the ground for a 2024 resolution

From 2021-2023, the Protection Advisory Board consulted with Movement components on a potential resolution on Protection at the Council of Delegates (CoD) in 2024 (originally planned for 2024).
This resolution will establish a Movement to agree to a common Movement understanding on Protection, promoting greater coherence and complementarity in the Movement’s Protection work, acommpanied by joint and indiviudal committments by each Movement component.

In preparation of the consultation and drafting process, the Norwegian Red Cross supported the Protection Advisory Board with a survey ("mapping") of existing Movement resolutions related to protection, extending across three decades (1993 to 2019).. It used the draft Movement Protection Framework to define and structure the resolutions analysed. The mapping is designed to be used as a quick overview of former resolutions, as well as serving three main purposes:

1) Identifying the gaps
2) Maintaining progress made
3) Defining the scope of protection-related resolutions

Through analyzing past resolutions, the mapping exercise provides detailed background to inform the future discussion on better defining a common Movement understand of Protection and complementary action.

The mapping seeks to highlight the aspects of protection within the Movement that are less covered by existing resolutions, as well as potential areas of inconsistencies or discrepancies. The objective is to contribute to determine the rationale and design for a new resolution by way of narrowing the scope and determining what the resolution will set out to do, and how it will add value to the topic-specific resolutions already adopted by the Movement.