Ethical Evaluations and Research Involving Children

CS Policy Tool 4 cover page
Support tool for the IFRC Child Safeguarding Policy

The purpose of this guidance note is to support the IFRC Child Safeguarding Policy. When the IFRC conducts evaluations or research involving children it is necessary to put into place steps to ensure children are free from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.

Evaluations and research involving children should follow the charter from Ethical Evaluations and Research Involving Children (ERIC; ERIC aims to assist researchers and the research community to understand, plan and conduct ethical research involving children and young people in any geographical, social, cultural or methodological context. ERIC is a joint project between UNICEF’s Office of Research, Innocenti, the Childwatch International Research Network, the Centre for Children and Young People at Southern Cross University, Australia, and the Children’s Issues Centre at the University of Otago, New Zealand.