IFRC PGI Policy - English

The cover of the document, reads. "protection, gender, and inclusion policy" June 2022
The PGI policy was approved by the IFRC General Assembly on the 21st of June 2022. It is the result of two years of consultation with the IFRC Network, based on five years of development of the PGI strategic priority. 

The policy focuses on three areas of PGI work: 

  • Institutional capacity
  • Programmes and operations
  • Advocacy, partnerships and learning

Adherence to the policy and implementation of the priorities it establishes is supported by a number of tools, in particular: 

The policy is also informed by earlier related frameworks such as the Movement Strategic Framework for Disability Inclusion and the IFRC Framework for Inclusive Programming.

The report: PGI 2016-2021: achievements and lessons learned outlines the developments that led up to the policy.

The policy is also available in the other working languages of the IFRC (designed version is in process)